Economic Empowerment & Livelihoods Improvement

Millions of people affected by the conflict and war in Yemen need help and support for livelihoods that enhance their own abilities, meet their basic needs, reduce dependence on relief aid, and contribute to the revitalization of productive values. Thus, Angela Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response, ever since its establishment, has set strategic goals to contribute to the sustainable fight against poverty and hunger in Yemen, focusing on the implementation of development projects for their importance in reviving poor communities and improving their standard of living. The development projects implemented by Angela Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response range between supporting and applying income-generating projects, financing small projects, and performing individual capacity development programs, such as professional training and qualification. These projects have greatly contributed to scaling up the incomes of the most vulnerable individuals and families in the Yemeni community . They also enhanced their productive capacities and selfreliance in obtaining their livelihood needs.

Areas Of Works

Angela Foundation For Development And Humanitarian Response Works Through International, Local, And Governmental Partnerships In The Following Areas

Food Security





Water and Sanitation

Economic Empowerment & Livelihoods Improvement

Projects and other activities