Water and Sanitation

UN agencies statistics indicate that millions people in Yemen are inaccessible to clean water and sanitation services where the security escalations and humanitarian crises resulted in the rise of water costs significantly. Continued displacement still proliferates pressure on the already scarce water sources and sewerage services. The lack of water resources and the collapsed sewage networks both have exacerbated the risk of infectious diseases, such as Cholera and other diseases. Such suffering has encountered the majority of Yemeni families, especially children and women, since they are responsible for fetching water from distant areas from their homes. This forced many children to drop out of education due to being fully preoccupied in bringing and providing water for their families. To mitigate the effects and damages caused, Angela Foundation for Development and Humanitarian Response implement a series of water and environmental sanitation projects in partnership with a number of donor organizations and charity people. Such endeavors succeeded to relieve the suffering of thousands of needy and affected individuals.

Areas Of Works

Angela Foundation For Development And Humanitarian Response Works Through International, Local, And Governmental Partnerships In The Following Areas

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Water and Sanitation

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